Hi! If you'd like to license one of my designs, I need a bit of information on how you plan to use it before I can give you an accurate quote.
You can skip any of the questions if you don't feel they apply, but the more information you can provide me with, the more accurately I can calculate your quote.
Please tell me your name and your company name.

How did you come across my work? I always like to know!

Which piece are you interested in using?

Write its name, description, or post an image link below - whatever is easiest.
On what product(s) would you use the piece?

Do you have projections of the number of items you plan to produce, and of their wholesale unit price?

Are you looking for an exclusive license within your product category, or a non-exclusive license?

Do you have a planned budget for purchasing artwork usage rights for this project?

My prices are mostly non-flexible but I can make alternative usage suggestions depending on your available budget
Would you like me to add you to my client newsletter mailing list?

You will receive one email every two or three months, showing images of my latest work. Nothing else.
Is there anything else you feel I should know before I give you a quote?

Thanks so much for giving me this information! I'll get back to you shortly with a quote, and we can start discussing the details of your project. If you need to ask me anything or if you want to send me more materials (color swatches, mood boards, reference images etc), send me an email at lidija@celandinedesign.com . Have a great day!

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